Thursday, 25 April 2013

Damaged OKI wall sections

Not that the OKI Corporation would admit it, but their OKI walls can be breached.

Now available to buy, a breached OKI wall section.
Most of rubble is at the front of the wall which will allows plenty of room at the rear for the stalwart defenders to carry on fighting the good fight!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

What is accurate enough?

This has no doubt been discussed plenty of times and I know that these particular models have been the centre of at least one such discussion.
But what is accurate enough for you?

For me, accurate enough is a model that is easily recognisable as what it is meant to be representing.
In my games I don’t have actual tanks, people or sandbags, I have models that represent them, and as such they do not need to be especially accurate.

The sandbags below for example would no doubt, in the real world be 2 or 3 layers thick and stacked the other way.
However these models meet my criteria of being easily recognisable as sandbags.
Irregular Miniatures make a straight section of 6mm sandbags that are pretty much as accurate to 1/300th as I think you will find, however they are not easily recognisable as sandbags; even when painted people have thought them dry stone walls.

How much does scale play a factor in this?
At 25mm I would expect the bags to be the ‘correct’ size and stacked more accurately.
At 6mm however I would not, I just want to be able to tell what it is meant to be.


What is accurate enough for you and do you like the game itself more than the modelling side, do you prefer the modelling over the gaming..

What works for you?