Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Junker Truck - Update

Not the greatest sculpt or indeed the greatest military vehicle.
But as my first attempt at making my own vehicles I am happy enough to offer it for sale.

With enough practice I hope to offer to truly excellent models as made by my own fair hand.

This goes on sales soon as a pack of 4 models, 2 of each.


  1. Well done and these should paint up nicely.

  2. Well done indeed! I would like to see it painted up too.

    Vehicles are tricky in their own way. A different way to humanoids but tricky all the same.


  3. These look very nice, I'll pick up some of these on my next order. I may try adding a tarpaulin out of greenstuff for the missile launcher one to make it look like a civilian truck rather than an insurgent one.
    - Louis