Saturday, 28 September 2013

OKI Pent-Habs

Here are some images of some new OKI buildings I am getting sorted.

They are habitation pods that are designed to be at rest above the ground.
This protects the pod from ground attack from local dangerous wildlife as well as from raiders and bandits.

The owner simply calls the pod down via his key, gets inside and raises it up to to docking arm.
Safe as houses, or a penthouse, or indeed a Pent-Hab.


  1. Stunning, simply stunning - a uniquely fresh idea and suitably futuristic- would love to see them go from concept to fully in production!

  2. Excellent idea! On a purely practical note it would be good if the base was wider than the arms for stability.

  3. Thanks, I wanted to keep trying to bring out new ideas..

    Practical in sci-fi? For shame on you!! :D Anyway, you mean like here:


    1. I'm just thinking about my ham fisted movement of troops across the board 'felling' said structure!

  4. Yeah, I was going to put no ground supports at all as in 'real life' they could be under the surface. Then I thought about gaming use and opted for just enough to keep it balanced, myself though, I will be basing the structure for super support and also so I can add things like mail boxes and dog kennels!