Thursday, 26 September 2013

Junker Pick-Up - UPDATE

I have finished the main truck body and have started work on the first variant, the rocket pod:

The rocket pod is not quite finished but gives you an idea of what the Junkers will be using to take on the RDF.


  1. Looks really good Michael. I'm hoping to scratch build a few vehicles for my Junker 'clan' at some point.

  2. Yeah Baby, just watch out for those proximity mines!

  3. Looks great - I particularly like the windscreen wiper - that's the kind of attention to detail that will really set a mini apart from the crowd.....

  4. Thanks.
    I like the hinges on the front where the cab lifts off, not so keen on the boy racer exhaust but the Junkers use that to intimidate the locals.... what can you do eh?!