Tuesday, 4 June 2013

UK sci-fi wargames show

I am in the process of organising a wargames show that is sci-fi only.
Possibly a bit unusual but hopefully quite sensible.

It is very early in the planning stages but a good number of traders and gamers have shown an interest and some have even paid already!

The basic idea is to promote and encourage the sci-fi gamer to have a blast.

At many conventional shows the sci-fi game is mocked and belittled by historical gamers, not by all of course, but by enough to annoy those that like sci-fi.
Having people look at your game and tutt and make comments like "not real wargaming is it" and "playing pretend" is just churlish and we can do without it.
Hence the Blast-Tastic! show.

A show where lasers, aliens, stompy mechs and pew-pew noises are the norm.

Anyway, enough waffle, more details on the Blast-Tastic Blog!

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