Sunday, 16 June 2013

6mm sci-fi painting service

I have decided that my spare time could be spent painting 6mm sci-fi for you lovely people.

It is not a full time service and will only be available when I have nothing else on, so don't be too upset if I can't take on your work.
I will paint infantry, vehicles and buildings.

Prices vary depending on what the model is like and what sort of paint scheme you want.
As a rough guide though I will be charging about 50p per figure.
Vehicles and buildings vary just too much to offer a flat rate.
But expect say one of my Pathfinders to be between £2.50 GBP and £7.50 GBP depending on extras like decals and stowage and so on.

Drop me an e-mail to discuss:



  1. I think your painting is great, but you're let down by the bases. Get yourself a traditional pestle and mortar to grind your sand down into a much finer grade for a more realistic scale of earth.

  2. Personally I'm a fan of your bases. I like the contrasting stone and earth colours and the yellow/orange static grass. The size of material also looks fine to me compared the the 6mm figures / vehicles being based. It's a matter of taste I guess!