Thursday, 23 May 2013

Small UK sci-fi show...?

I am looking into doing a sci-fi show next year in Bristol.

My plan/idea is to have all scales (I know...) of games on show but they are all about the sci-fi.

My want is to see lots of exciting sci-fi games and to be able to ogle the goodness.
My need though is to not be out of pocket.

As such I am guessing (still not done my sums yet) that I will have to charge £10.00 for a 6' x 4' table which will seat up to 4 people.
(So if 4 of you are at 1 table it is only £2.50 each)

Now this won’t cover my costs so I will be bringing my stock to sell and hopefully make up the difference.

Tea and Coffee will be free all day.
There will be sandwiches and snacks available at a very good rate too.

I have not approached any traders or gamers yet directly, but wondered if the vagueness of ait all sounds appealing in any way?



  1. It's definitley my cup of tea - though it's a bit of a trek to Bristol

  2. What show? I've never heard of anyone charging people to play games at a con. And will you be coming to Minicon next year?

  3. "What show?"
    The one I am thinking of organising, this show.


    "I've never heard of anyone charging people to play games at a con."
    I have, I did it a while back as I could not hire the venue otherwise, I had to turn people away.
    Also I pay to go to a show in Minehead every year and put on a game.
    It does work if people want to be part of it.
    No different to hiring a function room at the local pub or paying for your weekly gaming spot in the local community centre in principal.

    "And will you be coming to Minicon next year?"
    I hope so, unless you don't want me anymore.


  4. Oh, I see! When you said "doing" I thought you meant "attending". It all makes perfect sense, now. Put me down for a table if the date is good!

  5. ah-ha.
    One Pound Goodness ahead!

    October 2014 sometime now methinks...