Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Junker Tower and OKI Corner Piece

 New Releases!

The OKI Corporation has finally started shipping their Internal Corner Sections out to the new colony world of Kometenmelodie:

This allows for what is known in the construction industry as ‘ziggidy zaggedy’ style walls:

With OKI you are more than just OK.
You are in safe hands.



The Junkers have been busy again, in order to make sure they keep the contents of the JunkerDome a secret from the RDF and the BPI they have constructed a series of Watch Towers in a perimeter around Anshan.

“Ain’t no-one getting’ in that ain’t invited in.” – Ma Turner; simply the best governor of Anshan.

That brings the ever growing Junker Range up to 7 structures now, with more to follow:

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