Friday, 24 May 2013

6mm tastic

I have been busy with the 3D!

Hexco Barriers

The printed masters arrived this morning.
They will be filled with 'dirt and rubble' before I make some moulds of them.
I will probably sell single ones and blocks of 3 so that you can more easily make long wall sections.

All being well they should be ready late next week.


They should be back very soon.
I had to stop production of the original Hex2Go containers as they were wrecking the moulds due to the design.

I have had them re-done and fingers crossed they should be a lot more mould friendly now.

The basic dimensions have remained the same so they are still compatible with the old ones.
Plus… I had a few requests for a half sized container, so I have done one of them too!

Internal OKI Corners

You can now make ziggy zaggy OKI walls thanks to the humble internal corner piece:

These should be available hopefully next week sometime.

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  1. Coming on in leaps and bounds, leaps and bounds - you'll soon have enough scenics, terrain and figures on sale to populate a small planetoid - really pleased to see these new releases, especially the one 'cell' Hex2go - stunning stuff!