Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Junker Tower and OKI Corner Piece

 New Releases!

The OKI Corporation has finally started shipping their Internal Corner Sections out to the new colony world of Kometenmelodie:

This allows for what is known in the construction industry as ‘ziggidy zaggedy’ style walls:

With OKI you are more than just OK.
You are in safe hands.



The Junkers have been busy again, in order to make sure they keep the contents of the JunkerDome a secret from the RDF and the BPI they have constructed a series of Watch Towers in a perimeter around Anshan.

“Ain’t no-one getting’ in that ain’t invited in.” – Ma Turner; simply the best governor of Anshan.

That brings the ever growing Junker Range up to 7 structures now, with more to follow:

Friday, 24 May 2013

6mm tastic

I have been busy with the 3D!

Hexco Barriers

The printed masters arrived this morning.
They will be filled with 'dirt and rubble' before I make some moulds of them.
I will probably sell single ones and blocks of 3 so that you can more easily make long wall sections.

All being well they should be ready late next week.


They should be back very soon.
I had to stop production of the original Hex2Go containers as they were wrecking the moulds due to the design.

I have had them re-done and fingers crossed they should be a lot more mould friendly now.

The basic dimensions have remained the same so they are still compatible with the old ones.
Plus… I had a few requests for a half sized container, so I have done one of them too!

Internal OKI Corners

You can now make ziggy zaggy OKI walls thanks to the humble internal corner piece:

These should be available hopefully next week sometime.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Small UK sci-fi show...?

I am looking into doing a sci-fi show next year in Bristol.

My plan/idea is to have all scales (I know...) of games on show but they are all about the sci-fi.

My want is to see lots of exciting sci-fi games and to be able to ogle the goodness.
My need though is to not be out of pocket.

As such I am guessing (still not done my sums yet) that I will have to charge £10.00 for a 6' x 4' table which will seat up to 4 people.
(So if 4 of you are at 1 table it is only £2.50 each)

Now this won’t cover my costs so I will be bringing my stock to sell and hopefully make up the difference.

Tea and Coffee will be free all day.
There will be sandwiches and snacks available at a very good rate too.

I have not approached any traders or gamers yet directly, but wondered if the vagueness of ait all sounds appealing in any way?


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

KR 16 Updates

I have made a few updates to the KR 16 rules, including rules for Junker Insurgents and for damaging buildings.
A few other things have had minor tweaks done to them too.

I have also uploaded the first draft of the background.
The background is always a work in progress as it grows as I play games and release new things.

The rules are generic and can be used for any scale, just swap cm to inches to make it bigger friendly and as for the background, use it as is, just use some of the ideas or use nothing from it.
You decide how best to play your games, not me.

All the PDFs are free so you may as well take a look no?



JunkerDome now available

Yes the Junkers have been busy making a new super building.

The RDF can't tell what is inside though, what does the JunkerDome do, what is its aim, what happens when the RDF go to investigate and go Beyond JunkerDome....

Here are all the Junker Dwellings in one spot so you can see how they are size wise.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

6mm Hexco Barriers

Ah-ha no not a typo but some barriers in style of HESCO for my sci-fi stuff.

Here are the digital musings, the real ones will follow shortly.

I will be adding some rubble/filler with green stuff once the 3D master is printed.
As you can see, with these ones unlike many others, the mesh will actually protrude from the main body as opposed to being a recessed line.

EDIT;   Here is a picture of a paper mock up so you can gauge size:

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Junker Insurgents

May I present the Junker Insurgents!

These junker civilians have taken up arms against what they see as another corrupt Earth like regime.
They do not wish to be a part of the system of corruption and back-handers that only serves to see the rich get richer and the poor oppressed good people get trodden on.
They will fight to keep the Junker community free from all evil Earth influence and make sure that the Junker people will remain free.
They don’t have the best kit, or the best training (none really to be fair) but they do have the home advantage and will excel as guerrilla fighters, using any and all methods to win their war on oppression.

Well that is the ‘official’ use for these figures.
I can’t see why they could not be militia, or rebels, or mercs or anything else really if you like…