Friday, 29 March 2013

OKI Wind Power.

Yes at last, hot on the heels of the OKI Utility Structures come the OKI Wind Turbines.
Just what every self-sufficient off world colony needs, their own power source.

Of course having such power could well mean having people trying to steal it from you, so best get some OKI walls around the perimeter to help keep the bad guys (and bugs) at bay!

Don’t delay, use OKI power today!

Here is a ropey quality image that shows them with a 15mm from GZG.

Sorry for the quality, but it gets the size across I hope.


  1. I like the idea of the wind generator, and the sails look great. I really don't like the base of it, though. Maybe it's just the colour you chose, but it looks like the base of rather low-quality sidelamp. Check out this real life version of the same design of wind turbine -

    A base like that would look much more convincing. You could even mount some sort of access/inspection panel on the base to give it a sense of scale (if you wanted to make it scale-specific).

  2. " but it looks like the base of rather low-quality sidelamp. "

    LOL, I guess it does.
    I needed a big old base though for stability purposes and just went for that.