Thursday, 14 February 2013

KR16 - sci-fi skirmish rules

FUBAR got me hooked on 6mm sci-fi, in fact it was down to FUBAR being such a good game that I started making my own 6mm sci-fi models.
So FUBAR has had a massive influence on Angel Barracks.

Whilst I really like the game it does have a few things about it that I don't like, I addressed some of those with the House Rules I had available on my website.

But, as Angel Barracks heads deeper into 6mm sci-fi and as the fluff for Kometenmelodie grows I thought it about time I did my own set of rules.

So here is the first edition of them:

They are, as you can tell, inspired by FUBAR and they also draw from my earlier set of Black Powder rules for some of the mechanics as well as a few ideas of my own that hopefully make for a good fast game.

They are intended to be used with 6mm figures with no more than about 30 figures per side with a few vehicles in support.
They are not meant to be super detailed, nor do they make any claim to be accurate, if that is even possible with fictional things?

They are simply a set of rules I wrote for my own games with my own figures and I thought I would share them for free.

When writing them I have made the assumption you will be familiar with wargames and as such some things have been glossed over.

During the writing and play testing stage a few things were changed, a few people on the Yahoo Group made suggestions that whilst valid, were not what I wanted in my games.
As such I did not put those changes in, however these rules are for your games now, so if you think something needs to be changed, then change it!

I play the rules as they are, as they are what I like; you should play them the way you like even if that means changing them.

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