Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wonky Pads

I have received the printed masters of my OKI landing pads..

However there is a problem.
There should be 2 main sections:

A straight middle section and a semi-circle section.
The semi circle section is the problem, as you can see here:

The lines do not match up.

To correct this may prove too expensive to warrant.
I am hoping for a free fix and replacement printed parts, but if that does not happen then I think my only real option will be to sell wonky sections or no sections.

So my real question here is, if push came to shove would you buy these wonky ones?

Be honest, as if I go ahead and make them and sell them but no-one buys them that is money I could better spend on other things.


  1. Hmm... to be honest, I think the lines should match up...

  2. too bad :/ I hope they will fix this for you. If your plans were flawless they should.

    To be honest, I would not buy wonky ones.

    I hope it ends up well.

  3. Is it the print/cast or the file that's at fault? The inner semi-circles look to be just enough off centre to not join up.

  4. Twas the file that was incorrect..

    I am getting them all re-done by another chap as it turns out the rectangle section is on the wonk too.