Thursday, 17 January 2013

Junker Pre-orders

Yes, the Junker samples are in my hands and I have confirmed they are cool and must be moulded and cast.



The Junkers
These are colonists that after starting a new life have lost faith in why they started anew.
They started a new world to get away from the over populated, over taxed and under loved dump called Earth as they disliked the way it is run, they disliked the harsh laws and the huge taxes. They started a new world and loved it, but then as their colony developed, the need for laws and structure became clear, some folk started to take a dislike to it becoming yet another version of Earth.

Then as local law enforcers got hired and laws enforced, local taxes collected to pay for the community at large these people got angry/bored/sad and hated that they had become what they tried to get away from.

Seeing that their brave new world was just another Earth in the making, they left the populated areas and became like hermits, living on the fringes, hunting and scavenging to survive. Soon other like-minded souls joined them and the Junker community evolved.

I am now accepting pre-orders on them.

Next will be Junker Walls and then Junker Insurgents.


  1. Hi Michael, great to see these progressing....could you put me down for a pack?

  2. I should have some painted ones soon too.

    Down for a pack?
    Ok, get ya money out!