Friday, 23 November 2012

RDF are here, I repeat the RDF are here!!!

Yes after much waiting they are here in my hands!

We have the Grunts pack which contains troopers in walking and firing poses and a female trooper.
Ideal for bolstering the rank and file numbers.

We also have the Specialist pack which contains a minigun trooper, trooper with flame thrower and a tech trooper.

The tech trooper holds a datapad and is kneeling next to an armoured tech-box.
The box can be used for a variety of things depending on what you need for your games.
It could be a medi-kit, a bomb kit or a box for transporting a small remote controlled drone for example.
Mine is painted as super duper scanner battlefield intel uplink box of +100 with a pretty blue screen with text on it.

Once again many thanks very much to those that have supported my venture in 6mm sci-fi, it is appreciated.

Don't delay, buy today!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Project Junkers - Part Two

I have some images of some of the actual Junkers themselves here for your viewing pleasure:

A Junker farmer tending to his meagre crops and a Junker scavenger with a bio-mask and i-device:

A Junker in a rain coat as he walks around looking for stuff to eat/scavenge/sell and a mechanic with a prothestic leg:

The idea is to make the Junkers the 'rejects' of other societies and to have a visible mix of cultures and creeds in the Junker community.

The third mega-building is almost ready to go under the mould and I am working on the fourth medium sized Junker shanty...

Stand by for Junker Goodness.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Project Junkers - Part One

I have finally started on my new idea for products to fit into my FUBAR games on the colony world of Kometenmelodie.
The basic idea are The Junkers

These are colonists that after starting a new life have lost faith in why they started anew.
They started a new world to get away from the craphole called earth as they dislike the way it is run, they dislike the harsh laws and the huge taxes.
They started a new world and loved it, but then as the colony developed the need for laws and structure became clear, some folk started to take a dislike to it becoming yet another version of earth.

Then as local law enforcers got hired and laws enforced, local taxes collected to pay for the community at large these people got angry/bored/sad and hated that they had become what they tried to get away from.
Seeing that their brave new world was just a baby earth they left the populated areas and became like hermits.
Living on the fringes, hunting and scavenging to survive.
Soon other like-minded souls joined them and the Junker community evolved.

It is very much post-apoc/mad max style stuff.
People that live rough and for whom each day is a fight.
Dwellings made out of scrap and junk that they stole and scavenged from the regular townships.

Story-wise, the Junkers are never missed so make a good source of test subjects for various corporations on Kometenmelodie..

I plan so far to make a pack of Junker figures, all a bit ragged and rough looking.
And a collection of junker dwellings (shanties).

Here is the first tow Junker Shacks, freshly painted and here to give you an idea what the rest will look like.
As you can see the shacks have been built by the Junkers from what is essentually waste, rubbish, or otherwise known as junk.

Small Normal Dwelling

Medium Sized Dwelling or maybe a Farm, or a Workshop, or a....
I am working on the third building now which is bigger, bigger than I planned, it kind of mutated and just kept growing as I made it.