Thursday, 30 August 2012

6mm vehicles are go?!

Right then, a quick update on the status of my two 6mm sci-fi vehicles.

The replacement printed model of the MS1 Pathmaster is here as is the first print of the Camel ATV.
I have done some sanding of the print lines to try and get them as smooth as possible.
Tomorrow they will be sent to the new casters who will make them into lovely metal toys for us to play with!!

Here are some comparison shots of the 2 vehicles next to each other.
As you can see the RDF like BIG vehicles, but then they are all built like brick poop houses.



They will be at the casters Monday the 3rd and I will keep you posted on the progress!

Sunday, 26 August 2012


I emailed my sculptor man to ask when he would be able to start the next batch of RDF troopers.
I got sent an e-mail with no reply, just these pictures.

Can't argue with that!

There is a female trooper.

A support trooper that has a datapad of somesort in his hand, he also comes with an armoured case, this can be used as say, medical supplies, tech stuff, ammo, a box for a small drone, plenty of variable uses from this single figure.

A trooper with a flamethrower.

A trooper with big old minigun.



Friday, 24 August 2012

Hex2Go and HexHabs

In an effort to make your 6mm battlefields more interesting to look at I have released some 6mm sci-fi cargo containers.

They are meant as shipping containers, but they can also be used as temporary dwellings.
When I get chance I will have some gangways and ladders made that you can use if you want to make them into a rough settlement.

Now; I know they do not make a lot of sense in terms of function, but that is not why I did them.
I wanted something that could be used to represent futuristic cargo containers, it is clear from looking at these what are they are meant to be.
That is what I wanted, that is what we have, models to represent something, nothing more, nothing less!

Anyway, they are on the website now.

I will be starting on Project Junkers next, so keep tuned.

Size Matters!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

New Vehicle

Before the drama of trying to get the MS1 Pathmaster made I comissioned a multi purpose vehicle to be designed.
This is now complete and can be see here.

The idea was to make a vehicle that would be used in a variety of roles, both civilian and military.
It could, for example, be:

RV – touring/camper van
Mobile science lorry/lab
Front bit of a civilian land train
Rescue vehicle
CDC type vehicle
Mobile HQ

However, there is the possibility that it may never be cast, it all depends on how exepnsive the RDFs vehicle ends up being.
Which is a shame as I really like this vehicle.

Idea for a name for it anyone?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Delays on the MS1 Pathmaster

I have just had the samples of my APC back:

The master prints were destroyed/ruined in the mould making process and as you can see the finished article is in no way saleable.

Back to where I was a few weeks ago except minus a few hundred quid..
This has really upset me quite a bit.

I need to get them re-printed and now try and find another caster.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hex2Go and HexHabs (copyrighted)

Here are a few stacked up ready for transporting.

I will also be making available a set of steps and walkways that will fit around these incase anyone wants to use them as sort of dwelling complex.

The downside is that flakworms like to hide in the gaps, but then so do junkers so who can blame them...

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sci-fi Cargo Containers

The future is full fat, no free from or lite nonsense here.
Big and bad ass!
My RDF troopers have big muscles, big boots, big armour and big guns!

My regular things will be chunky and oversized too.
Such as my new sci-fi cargo container.
Made by HexGo, this super strong cargo container will get your stuff there safe.

Here is a quick one I painted up.

Coming to the website soon...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sci-fi Walls

I was thinking about colony worlds and possible quick fixes that people would need.
Today we have the big concrete blocks we see at embassies and roadblocks and so on.
They are just big chunks of cover and barricades that are very simple but very effective.

So I am going to bring out a sci-fi version.
Big slabs of concrete that are dropped into place by giant VTOL thingies and hey presto, quick defensive position…  Not sexy, but if it gives you the advantage over the attacker, who cares!

Here is the design sketch.

I will be sending to the printers soon and then get some more resin casting practice in!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

MHU comparisons

Here are some comparison shots that show the 3 different MHU sizes along with some comparable Brigade Models buildings.

Hope this helps better inform your buying choice!
(Though of course you could just buy many of each and not have to choose!)

Monday, 6 August 2012

RDF are here

The RDF are now in stock.
All pre-orders have been posted.

I have actually sold more than I thought as regards pre-orders go.
So this has gotten me thinking about what sort of additional troopers to get done.

I am most certainly going to get a machine gunner sort done, that would be rude not to.

But then I am not sure what after that...

Maybe a trooper throwing a grenade?
A trooper with some support gear like say a medic or a sapper/engineer?
Maybe another officer type holding his gun by the handle and his other hand pressed to his earpiece as he tries to hear what HQ are saying?
A sniper maybe?

What do you reckon?

Saturday, 4 August 2012

MS1 Pathmaster

I have in my grubby hands the RDF's first AFV.
It is a 3d model print.

The MS1 Pathmaster.

Comprised of the IFV Pathfinder and the MS Command Module, the MS1 Pathmaster is designed for all terrain patrols.
The Pathfinder shown here features the Pilum Missile Pods, a Grenade Machine Gun option is also available (that means on my desk still being made)

The IFV Pathfiner can accept crew and 5 fully equipped RDF troopers.
(these guys carry a LOT)

The MS Command Module is designed to be left in the field and houses a self contained life support system and sophisticated Command and Control facility as well as reinforced cargo storage areas.
Very handy for storing ammo and fuel and kibble for those extra long patrols.

Both sections that make up the MS1 Pathmaster are fully amphibious.

Anyway, enough half thought out waffle.
This will be send to the casters next week, once I have finished sanding down the print lines.
The master may or may not be good enough for my standards, if it is not then the master will be touched up and  a new set of masters made.
This will of course be costly and take time, but like with my RDF infantry I only want to sell the very coolest!

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