Friday, 28 December 2012

Junkers Pack Set Up

So the 5 Junker civilians have been sent to the casters.
As with all the others they will be in packs of 10.

So the 5 Junker civilians have been sent to the casters.
As with all the others they will be in packs of 10.
However, what to put in a pack of 10?
I am thinking:
1 x Mechanic
2 x Females
3 x Smock
2 x Scavenger
2 x Farmer
What do you all think?

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New for 2013

Things for the new year.

Here are some things I have been working on and not had the time/funds to get released as yet.
As such they will be on the top of my list for 2013.
So, in no particular order...

Junker Civilians, WIPs here:


There will be a 5th Junker civilian, but she is still being sculpted, so no image yet.

I have just been sent an image of the final Junker civilian:

OKI Wind Turbine, 3D render here:

This is a beast of a piece, you can see its size from this printed master:


Pathfinder Warrior, 3D WIP render here:

The final version may have a small turret mounted light cannon.

OKI Landing Pads, available as pieces:

A semi-circle section, a straight section, a ramp that fits the straight section and a ramp that fits the semi-circle section.
This will allow you to make a variety of shapes!

RDF Barracks, rough WIP here:

As you can see the ever resourceful RDF have adapted the OKI walls and made themselves a super duper barracks.

Junker walls, Junker Soldiers and some other little bits that as of yet are still just in my head!

Monday, 10 December 2012

I have a plan.

Well the Junkers buildings have been available for a few days and are selling well.
I was debating what to do next (not including things already in the pipeline) and then it hit me..

First I did some OKI MHUs, then OKI walls.
We also had civilians to go with them.

Now I have done Junker shacks and have civilians being done to go with them.
What I need are Junker walls!

Then the idea hit me...
I will mirror the 2 ranges so that we will have:

OKI walls
OKI dwellings

Junker walls
Junker dwellings
Junker civilians

So next up will be the Junker walls.
Then some bad guys to annoy the OKI civilians and keep the RDF busy.
I have a plan....!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Junker Buildings are done!

Yes, at last the first batch of the Junker dwellings are ready for sale!

All Five
I have also now started casting the MHUs myself which means I can reduce the price on them, so I have!