Friday, 23 November 2012

RDF are here, I repeat the RDF are here!!!

Yes after much waiting they are here in my hands!

We have the Grunts pack which contains troopers in walking and firing poses and a female trooper.
Ideal for bolstering the rank and file numbers.

We also have the Specialist pack which contains a minigun trooper, trooper with flame thrower and a tech trooper.

The tech trooper holds a datapad and is kneeling next to an armoured tech-box.
The box can be used for a variety of things depending on what you need for your games.
It could be a medi-kit, a bomb kit or a box for transporting a small remote controlled drone for example.
Mine is painted as super duper scanner battlefield intel uplink box of +100 with a pretty blue screen with text on it.

Once again many thanks very much to those that have supported my venture in 6mm sci-fi, it is appreciated.

Don't delay, buy today!


  1. Very very nice, Sir. I'd start your 6mm if my eyes weren't so old and worn out.