Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Project Junkers - Part Two

I have some images of some of the actual Junkers themselves here for your viewing pleasure:

A Junker farmer tending to his meagre crops and a Junker scavenger with a bio-mask and i-device:

A Junker in a rain coat as he walks around looking for stuff to eat/scavenge/sell and a mechanic with a prothestic leg:

The idea is to make the Junkers the 'rejects' of other societies and to have a visible mix of cultures and creeds in the Junker community.

The third mega-building is almost ready to go under the mould and I am working on the fourth medium sized Junker shanty...

Stand by for Junker Goodness.


  1. You are making it very hard to resist restarting my 6mm skirmish project.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. RE-start?
    You mean you stopped?
    What happened?

    Lack of stuff to inspire you?