Friday, 12 October 2012

RDF Update

Right then.
As you may know there has been a delay on the new RDF.

This is due to the Female Trooper.
A few master moulds have been done of her, the first one had problems with the arm not casting and the gun being possibly too thin.
The last master sorted the arm issue but the casters are convinced that if the production mould was made the gun would end up being so thin it may simply not be cast.

So this afternoon I got out the Green Stuff and thickened up the rifle.
Hopefully it is now thick enough to be successfully cast from a production mould.

I will post this Monday and it will be with the casters on Tuesday.
Hopefully they can get the new master and maybe the production mould done quite soon after that.

Sooooo fingers crossed very shortly they will be available...


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