Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Painted RDF

I have at last managed to finish painting my 4 squads of RDF troopers, which includes the as yet unreleased packs and the MS1 Pathmaster (Ranger Variant).

Could there be a game soon...?

Pathfinder Ranger



MS1 Pathmaster - Ranger Variant




Charlie Company

Alpha Squad

Bravo Squad

Charlie Squad

Delta Squad

I had some custom decals made for the vehicles and am looking at costs to make them commercially available incase you want to use 'official' decals.

I also added some stowage to the vehicles too, they do not come with any, but I like that worn out, used, lived in campaign look.


  1. Good looking minis and painting. What is that static grass you use? 2mm? from where?

  2. Cheers!

    It is actually 1mm static grass from:

  3. As a Yankee to an Englishman, let me state:

    B r a v o

    Love the paint work - the 'RDF' on the vehicle is a nice touch. Great post!

  4. Great looking vehicle! And great paintjob!

  5. Fantastic- the weathering and extra stowage really bring the Pathmaster/finder to life!

  6. Well I have resisted so far- but I do need to comment - as that Pathmaster has turned out far better than I could have imagined- the extra effort (and cost) on getting a quality 3d print really paid off and the paint job is superb.

    Lovely to see my 3d modelling so well represented, thank you.