Sunday, 7 October 2012

OKI wall set

I have been mould making and casting over the weekend and I have finished the first set of walls.

In the set you get:

2 gate sections
4 corner sections
8 wall sections

Each wall and gate section is 50mm long and 22mm tall, the walls are 10mm thick at the base.

This gives you just over 50cm of OKI protection!

I am going to make some more moulds for the walls so I can cast up a few at once and when I have a few sets ready I will get them on the website for you!
Are your employees safe and ok on that remote colony world?
If they have OKI then they are OK!


  1. Oooh Mama! Now you are talking.....those are the business..... just some modular watchtowers now please...... ;-)

  2. LOLOL, thanks.

    If this starter set proves popular then I will be doing 'expansion' packs.