Friday, 28 September 2012

Vehicles ready for pre-orders!

I have been able to confirm the price of my 6mm vehicles and as such they are now available to pre-order.

I am unsure on the actual stock date but clearly those that have pre-ordered will get theirs as soon as they arrive here.


  1. Seconding Mr Harold's comment - the weathered paint job in the photos is excellent - trying to resist getting some of these until you release the wall sections to go around the MHUs....... Must resist........will weakening.......


  2. Cheers.

    That is painted for the website, it has since been modified with stuff and extra paintwork to make it a 'campaign' vehicle.
    Custom decals have been ordered for making it even prettier!

    The OKI walls could be a while yet, maybe a month...
    Best get some vehicles on order now!