Monday, 3 September 2012

RDF 2 Update

I have in my hands the masters from my master sculptor:


We have a trooper with a flame unit, helps keep the bugs at bay.

A female trooper, hell hath no fury and all that.

A minigun trooper, ol' painless.

A support trooper with a datapad in hands and his super box of tricks, what's in the box?
A small drone, a sentry gun, a medi-kit, a sappers kit, a …?

They are all packed and ready to go to the casters.
Fingers crossed and they should be ready very soon.
For details on what you will get and how much they will be please see here.

I am not yet accepting pre-orders though until I know the moulds are done and the quality is all fine.

I am all excited though!
I need to plan out my other squads now!


  1. Sorry if this is a noob question but, what are they made of? Some sort of resin? And does he carve them or mould each bit and stick it together? Just curious.

  2. They are made from sculpting clay.
    Green Stuff and Procreate.

    However, some bits are metal, because I will be adding to the range, the sculptor made some bodies and guns that he can cast up.
    This means that when he does a new figure he can use one of the metal guns so that each figure has exactly the same gun, same with torsos.
    That means each rifle will be indentical.
    If he were to sculpt each gun each time they would have slight variations due to human error.

    If you look at some other 6mm sci-fi figures that are the same, you will notice the guns are often different even though they are meant to be the same rifle.