Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pathfinder Variants

I was thinking about the Pathfinder and future variants today.

Right now we have:
Pathfinder Ranger with the GMG turret.
Pathfinder Archer with smart missile pods.

Coming up will be:
Pathfinder Warrior with a gazillion guns.
Pathfinder Paladin with extra armour.

There will be no Pathfinder Rogue, Mage or Thief though!


I should also be in a position on Wednesday the 26th to start taking pre-orders on the Pathfinders as I should have prices by then!



  1. Michael,

    noted the extra variants for the draft FWC stats


  2. Pathfinder Scout with a sensor array on a telescopic mast?
    Pathfinder Communicator with a sat dish & lots of aerials?
    Pathfinder Bombardier with a a big mortar poking out of the roof?
    Pathfinder Artificer with a bulldozer blade on the front and a crane/backhoe type arm on the roof?

    Or possibly a tented extension that can be erected at the back of the vehicle for when it is parked up?