Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ideas and Feedback

I am in the middle of moving flat/house and as such many things are on hold.
But my daughter is starting pre-school next week which will mean more time to work on Angel Barracks stuff.
So I will be releasing much more in the coming weeks as I get more time to work on stuff.
I have knocking around the following ideas:

Perimeter Walls for the MHUs.
HESCO style temporary walls.
Solar Panel Tower.
Wind Turbine Tower.
Project Junkers. (updates will follow in due course)
FUBAR stats for the RDF.

I started the AB sci-fi range with things you don't really get elsewhere:
Alien wildlife
Barricades and ad-hoc defences
Hex2Go cargo containers

I am now working on more mainstream things such as the RDF and their vehicles.
But I want to continue to offer unusual things as well as 'proper armies'
But the ability to produce more stuff means selling the current stuff, which means making stuff that people want.
Soooo, taking into consideration a very limited budget and limited sculpting/making skills, what do you think 6mm sci-fi is missing and I should make?

Size Matters!


  1. Hmm... not sure if I have any particular input, as my scale is more 15mm..

    BUT, maybe a suggestion is some type of objective markers? You mentioned wind turbine towers/solar panels. Perhaps if they were made in a way that they could work in multiple scales you could get more "bang for your buck?

  2. Just one idiots two pence...

    (1) FUBAR stats for the RDF. You've got the totems; give 'em some data.

    (2) Alien Wildlife

    (3) Agree with Mr. H, above - having objective scenery is a plus. Is there any way that the solar array and wind turbine can be designed so that it's a single kit of parts?

    (4) Junkers - sounds like an awesome project but might be better to dig into once you've moved in.

  3. How about a satellite dish or a comms tower as an objective?
    Or maybe earth movers, cargo handling equipment or other heavy industrial machinery?

    BTW, did you know that if you are using Firefox you can't leave comments or view the file links on the Fubar page? Just thought I'd mention it.

  4. Turrets! A double cannon turret, like in Mammoth tanks in Red Alert