Sunday, 30 September 2012

RDF almost ready!

My samples have come from the casters of my new RDF troopers.
There is a slight problem with one, which they will look into ASAP.

Until they are all ready and good to go though, they will not be available to pre-order.
However I have painted some up and I now have 2 squads so you can get an idea of the coming goodness.


Denoted by their red chest markings.

Missile Launcher
Assault Rifles
Sarge with a baldy head


Denoted by their white chest markings.

Minigun of Death   (new figure)
Assault Rifles
Lady Sarge  (new figure)

My Pathmaster is almost done too, just waiting on some custom decals to finish it off.

Not long now!!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Vehicles ready for pre-orders!

I have been able to confirm the price of my 6mm vehicles and as such they are now available to pre-order.

I am unsure on the actual stock date but clearly those that have pre-ordered will get theirs as soon as they arrive here.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pathfinder Variants

I was thinking about the Pathfinder and future variants today.

Right now we have:
Pathfinder Ranger with the GMG turret.
Pathfinder Archer with smart missile pods.

Coming up will be:
Pathfinder Warrior with a gazillion guns.
Pathfinder Paladin with extra armour.

There will be no Pathfinder Rogue, Mage or Thief though!


I should also be in a position on Wednesday the 26th to start taking pre-orders on the Pathfinders as I should have prices by then!


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Vehicle Updates

Almost there, here are some castings from the master mould:

Camel MPV

MS1 Pathmaster

Should not be much longer now!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

6mm vehicle update

I have been sent some images of my 2 sci-fi vehicles that have been cast in super tough resin ready to be used to make the master mould.

Here they are:

Should not be too long now before the metal versions are ready to go!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

OKI walls for MHUs

Once we have moved house and I get a room for the Angel Barracks production line I will start work on more new stuff.

I have just had these designed for me:


They are walls made by the OKI Corporation designed to protect the MHUs.
Just like the MHUs they are modular and are shipped to your site and assembled within 24 hours.
They stand slightly taller than the MHUs so offer not only prtection but privacy too.

The Future is Easy, The Future is Good, The Future is OKI.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ideas and Feedback

I am in the middle of moving flat/house and as such many things are on hold.
But my daughter is starting pre-school next week which will mean more time to work on Angel Barracks stuff.
So I will be releasing much more in the coming weeks as I get more time to work on stuff.
I have knocking around the following ideas:

Perimeter Walls for the MHUs.
HESCO style temporary walls.
Solar Panel Tower.
Wind Turbine Tower.
Project Junkers. (updates will follow in due course)
FUBAR stats for the RDF.

I started the AB sci-fi range with things you don't really get elsewhere:
Alien wildlife
Barricades and ad-hoc defences
Hex2Go cargo containers

I am now working on more mainstream things such as the RDF and their vehicles.
But I want to continue to offer unusual things as well as 'proper armies'
But the ability to produce more stuff means selling the current stuff, which means making stuff that people want.
Soooo, taking into consideration a very limited budget and limited sculpting/making skills, what do you think 6mm sci-fi is missing and I should make?

Size Matters!

Monday, 3 September 2012

RDF 2 Update

I have in my hands the masters from my master sculptor:


We have a trooper with a flame unit, helps keep the bugs at bay.

A female trooper, hell hath no fury and all that.

A minigun trooper, ol' painless.

A support trooper with a datapad in hands and his super box of tricks, what's in the box?
A small drone, a sentry gun, a medi-kit, a sappers kit, a …?

They are all packed and ready to go to the casters.
Fingers crossed and they should be ready very soon.
For details on what you will get and how much they will be please see here.

I am not yet accepting pre-orders though until I know the moulds are done and the quality is all fine.

I am all excited though!
I need to plan out my other squads now!