Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sci-fi Walls

I was thinking about colony worlds and possible quick fixes that people would need.
Today we have the big concrete blocks we see at embassies and roadblocks and so on.
They are just big chunks of cover and barricades that are very simple but very effective.

So I am going to bring out a sci-fi version.
Big slabs of concrete that are dropped into place by giant VTOL thingies and hey presto, quick defensive position…  Not sexy, but if it gives you the advantage over the attacker, who cares!

Here is the design sketch.

I will be sending to the printers soon and then get some more resin casting practice in!


  1. Very cool! They remind me of Jurassic park too... How tall are they?

  2. Not tall.
    The main wall sections are 7mm tall (so about7')
    Enough to stay hidden behind but also short enough to stand on a box and shoot over if you need to.

    I will be bringing out permanent walls to go with my OKI MHU's which will be properly tall.

  3. Definitely nice work, Michael.