Monday, 6 August 2012

RDF are here

The RDF are now in stock.
All pre-orders have been posted.

I have actually sold more than I thought as regards pre-orders go.
So this has gotten me thinking about what sort of additional troopers to get done.

I am most certainly going to get a machine gunner sort done, that would be rude not to.

But then I am not sure what after that...

Maybe a trooper throwing a grenade?
A trooper with some support gear like say a medic or a sapper/engineer?
Maybe another officer type holding his gun by the handle and his other hand pressed to his earpiece as he tries to hear what HQ are saying?
A sniper maybe?

What do you reckon?


  1. All of those are good choices, Michael. Do all of 'em ;-)

  2. Sappers and engineers are always useful and needed :)

    Covert Walrus