Saturday, 4 August 2012

MS1 Pathmaster

I have in my grubby hands the RDF's first AFV.
It is a 3d model print.

The MS1 Pathmaster.

Comprised of the IFV Pathfinder and the MS Command Module, the MS1 Pathmaster is designed for all terrain patrols.
The Pathfinder shown here features the Pilum Missile Pods, a Grenade Machine Gun option is also available (that means on my desk still being made)

The IFV Pathfiner can accept crew and 5 fully equipped RDF troopers.
(these guys carry a LOT)

The MS Command Module is designed to be left in the field and houses a self contained life support system and sophisticated Command and Control facility as well as reinforced cargo storage areas.
Very handy for storing ammo and fuel and kibble for those extra long patrols.

Both sections that make up the MS1 Pathmaster are fully amphibious.

Anyway, enough half thought out waffle.
This will be send to the casters next week, once I have finished sanding down the print lines.
The master may or may not be good enough for my standards, if it is not then the master will be touched up and  a new set of masters made.
This will of course be costly and take time, but like with my RDF infantry I only want to sell the very coolest!


  1. Awesome vehicle Michael! Even cooler than I knew it would be! Really looking forward to adding some of these to my 6mm collection.

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  3. Cheers Jay and Maj. Diz!

    @ Eli They are the Regional Defence Force, my own range of 6mm sci-fi figures:

  4. I can picture them painted with 'Flying Tiger' style teeth on the front panels and 'Death on Wheels' scrawled on the front...

  5. Great stuff! Love the RDF line.