Sunday, 12 August 2012

MHU comparisons

Here are some comparison shots that show the 3 different MHU sizes along with some comparable Brigade Models buildings.

Hope this helps better inform your buying choice!
(Though of course you could just buy many of each and not have to choose!)


  1. I love the design aesthetics of those! How tall are the doors? Would they work with for 10mm figures?

  2. From the bottom of the building to the highest point of the door (top of arch) is 8.5mm.

    My gut says no to 10mm, but if you want to buy 1 as a sample and then decide you do want more, there will be no postage charge on the second order.
    (assuming you are in the UK)

    1. Thanks for the speedy reply and the kind offer! I am based in the UK. They do possibly sound a little too small for 10mm unless their occupants duck to enter! I plan to get some of your great looking OKI Corporation walls anyway so I may add one of the buildings to the order just to see for myself. Cheers!