Friday, 24 August 2012

Hex2Go and HexHabs

In an effort to make your 6mm battlefields more interesting to look at I have released some 6mm sci-fi cargo containers.

They are meant as shipping containers, but they can also be used as temporary dwellings.
When I get chance I will have some gangways and ladders made that you can use if you want to make them into a rough settlement.

Now; I know they do not make a lot of sense in terms of function, but that is not why I did them.
I wanted something that could be used to represent futuristic cargo containers, it is clear from looking at these what are they are meant to be.
That is what I wanted, that is what we have, models to represent something, nothing more, nothing less!

Anyway, they are on the website now.

I will be starting on Project Junkers next, so keep tuned.

Size Matters!

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