Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Delays on the MS1 Pathmaster

I have just had the samples of my APC back:

The master prints were destroyed/ruined in the mould making process and as you can see the finished article is in no way saleable.

Back to where I was a few weeks ago except minus a few hundred quid..
This has really upset me quite a bit.

I need to get them re-printed and now try and find another caster.



  1. Ah man... such a shame! What a cool looking miniature...

    Good luck! Hopefully you can find another caster... looks like there is some interest on TMP...

  2. Oh, I dunno, I've certainly bought minis that were similarly 'rough' in terms of casting..... for example, I love them dearly, but just look at the majority of Irregular Miniature's output...... understand how you want it to match your vision, though, so it must be disappointing....could you not use the 'defective' one as a base to work up a new master?

  3. No SteelonSand, the sample metal one simply has far too many problems.
    I will get some more printed and try another caster.

    Just means more delays and wasted time and money.

  4. Doug at Dark Realm Miniatures has provided me with the name of the company he uses to cast from his printed models.
    Thanks Doug.

    I will get some more masters printed and send them off to the new firm.

    Expensive lesson though.

    1. If you need another source, let me know as I work for a large casting company, we can supply both metal and resin casts and no stranger to handling SLA's.

  5. Thanks, I think it may be you who I have been in contact with if your profile location is anything to go by.
    Drop me an e-mail please: