Friday, 20 July 2012

Attack! 2012

Well tomorrow and Sunday is Attack! one of my regular shows.
I really like it as it has a nice atmosphere and also it was the very first show I ever went to and they were very kind to me.

I will have the RDF samples for people to see along with all my own stuff and the normal stock that is part of AB life.
It will be a nervous time as I have not had all my own stuff at a show before where people can actually see the 6mm greatness up close.
I am hoping people will like what I have made though, I know I do!!

Also, as I closed down Wargames Widows recently I will be taking what is left of that stock and selling it cost price and below!!
There are still some very good boardgames to be bought, made even better as they are at cost price!
Mugs, notepads, odd items, dice, counters, dice bags, even dice earings!

Right, enough time posting, must go and cast up some more stock...



  1. Good luck at the show. Unfortunately I am working so unable to go but I hope the 6mm crowd turn up to support you. I am liking the look of what I see so far!

  2. Enjoy the experience, Engage the curious, and enlarge your coffers!